Automatic bioethanol fireplaces

Decoflame introduced the e-Ribbon Fire – an electronically controlled ethanol burner featuring the patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning). This highly advanced combustion system allows controlling the fireplace with a remote control or a Smart Device (Bluetooth) via Decoflame App. Moreover, an intuitive touch display provides easily understandable settings and feed-back messages.

Available as part of the versatile range of Decoflame made-to-measure built-in bioethanol fireplaces, the Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire allows a unique adaptation to the customers’ needs and ideas. Whether a Denver e-Ribbon Fire is used to create a focal point in the centre of a room or a Montreal e-Ribbon Fire, open to front and back is allowing a view of mesmerising flames from two adjacent rooms – any form of layout, design and finish can be brought to live with a Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire.

Its patented CEVB technology enables the user to control the flame intensity, thus the heat output over six flame levels, and this independently monitors the fuel level inside the tank. A greater tank volume compared to a manual burner makes frequent refilling unnecessary.

Intuitive operation via touch display, the radio-frequency remote control or a Smart Device provide a highly user-friendly approach.
Equipped with safety features like spillage- and temperature sensors, which will trigger an auto-cut-off response when activated, the Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire offers complete peace of mind for the customers operating the fireplace.

Remotely controllable
Controllable from a Smart Device via App
6-step flame regulation (1-5 & Eco-Wave)
LCD touch display
Information about operating status and fuel level
Safety chamber
System leakage sensor with auto-cut-off
TV-temperature-sensor with auto-cut-off
External tank with automatic fuel refill system
Smart Home connection
Infinite Fire

Available for both Apple and Android products, this cutting-edge technology for our bioethanol fireplaces comes as an alternative for the Decoflame remote controller. Furthermore, the Bluetooth connection can be combined with a Smart Home System via the RS-232 cable. With its simple, user-friendly design, the Decoflame App allows controlling one or several fireplaces from the same device.

The Decoflame App can be used to:
• turn on/off the fireplace(s)
• adjust the flame intensity (1-5 & eco-wave)
• control the heat output
• check the fuel level in the tank
• check the estimated burning time
• set the auto shut-off timer