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Decoflame® app allows you to control your electronic Decoflame® basic or e-ribbon bio fireplaces.

With the Decoflame® app you can turn on/off your fireplace, and adjust the flame level to fit your needs. You can see how much fuel that is left in the tank, and for how long the fireplace will be able to burn at the current flame level before running out of fuel.
You are also able to set an auto-off timer that will turn off the fireplace after a set period of time.

Do you have more than one Decoflame® fireplace? No problem! With the Decoflame® app you can pair with as many fireplaces as you like. Just turn them on one at a time and pair.

startup guide

Download our app

Download the Decoflame App from the App Store or the Google Play Store.


After the installation of the Decoflame App on you device, make sure that you have bluetooth turned on.

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Find your fireplace

On first time use the Decoflame App might prompt you to ask permission to use your devices bluetooth. You’ll need to allow this in order to use the app.

Turn your fireplace on the ON, using the button on the fireplace display. 

The app wil automatically find your fireplace. 

Remember it’s important to place your mobile device as close to the fireplace as possible during pairing

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When your fireplace is on and in range of your mobile device, your fireplace will show up on the app after a short period of time.

Choose your fireplace from the list.

When you choose your fireplace from the list you will be asked to provide a password.

(This password is the first 4 digits of your fireplaces’ serial number. Unless it’s been changed manually)

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Enjoy your fireplace

Now that you have connected your mobile device and fireplace, you have the ability to fully control your fireplace via bluetooth.

Turn your fireplace on and off, control flame size, timer setting, monitor fuel levels and more.


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