The following information can help to better understand the particularities of Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces.

Where can I position Decoflame bioethanol fireplace?
Decoflame ​bioethanol fireplaces are suitable for any location in an apartment, house, cottage, conservatory, office, restaurant, spa or outdoors. The installation of these flueless fires is done within minutes. Always refer to the safety instructions in the manual.

Does the installation require any sort of approval?
This depends on the country in which the installation is planned. Please always check with your local authorities.

Is the installation of​ a Decoflame ​bioethanol fireplace difficult?
All Decoflame fireplaces can be installed in a matter of minutes without any in-depth DIY knowledge. Just follow the fitting instructions in the manual. All​ Decoflame ​floor models come already pre-assembled and just need unpacking.

Are Decoflame ​fireplaces ready for use after installation?
The only additional requisite is bioethanol, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

How to light a Decoflame ​fireplace?
It is recommended to use either long fireplace matches or a long lighter to light the vapours in the burner.

Is bioethanol dangerous?
Bioethanol should be nothing else but alcohol which is denatured, i.e. made unfit for human consumption. In comparison to gel, bioethanol burns clean and residue-free, not leaving unpleasant odours or fumes in your home. When burning, it dissolves into water and CO². Use only liquid bioethanol for Decoflame fireplaces which must have a purity of at least 96% but max. 97.5%.

Is it dangerous to inhale the combustion gas?
The vapours of bioethanol consist of plain water and a little amount of carbon dioxide. Harmful fumes are avoided by using Decoflame fireplaces with liquid bioethanol of a purity of 96 – 97.5%, without placing any decorative items on or around the burner. Do not use bioethanol gel in Decoflame fireplaces. As a general note: gel fires should not be used indoors.

In which container sizes is bioethanol supplied?
Decoflame bioethanol can be supplied in 1 litre bottles or 3 litre jerry cans. Pouring it into smaller jugs, using a pump or a funnel is advised in order to facilitate fuelling your fireplace.​

How long can one litre of bioethanol burn?
Between 4 – 8 hours, depending on the Decoflame fireplace model, its burner size, the set flame intensity and the room ventilation.

Will my Decoflame ​bioethanol fireplace generate a lot of heat?
Depending on the Decoflame fireplace model it can generate from 2 to 6 kW/h. A flueless Decoflame bioethanol fireplace, however, should only be regarded as a cosy supplement to your primary source of heating.

Can paper or wood be used to fire up a Decoflame ​bioethanol fireplace?
No. All Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces are strictly to be fuelled with liquid bioethanol of 96% – max. 97.5% only.

How to extinguish the fire in a Decoflame bioethanol fireplace?
Should you wish to extinguish the flame before the burner is empty, please refer to the user manual. For manual burners, depending on the model of a fireplace, you either pull the slider lid towards you with the enclosed handle in one fast, continuous movement in order to snuff out the flames; or you place the cover of the burner on top of the same in order to cover its opening completely. This cuts off oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire immediately.

For automatic burners, press the OFF button on the display / remote controller / Decoflame App and wait until the flames are completely extinguished.

What is a Decoflame bioethanol fireplace made of?
All Decoflame bioethanol fires are made of one or more of the following components: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and hardened glass. If powder-coated, the paint will be heat-resistant up to 400°C.

Cleaning the bioethanol fireplace

We recommend cleaning the bioethanol fireplace with a lint-free cloth. Use either a sprinkle cleaner or a little bit of bioethanol – which is also suitable for cleaning the glass.

To clean the stainless steel burner, use the supplied 3M sponge. Be sure to follow the grain direction.

It is important that the filament is not touched during cleaning as it is very sensitive and it may break