Long linear fire

One of the most sophisticated fireplace solutions, developed exclusively by Decoflame, the ‘Infinite Fire’ can be manufactured from a single-module burner creating a long line of fire of any dimension. This electronically controlled model can be divided into several burning zones that can be operated alternatively. Using the patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning), all Decoflame automatic fireplaces can be integrated in a ‘Smart Home System’ and can be controlled by a remote control or from a smart device via Bluetooth. Moreover, the e-Ribbon technology has allowed relating the concept of heat reuse to bioethanol fires, connecting a fireplace to the ventilation system, which allows an even distribution of the heat output to other rooms, making biofires the perfect solution for passive houses.

Eco-Wave is the 6th flame level on Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire burners and represents an exclusive environmentally-friendly alternative to the existing options on the market.

This feature allows reducing the biofuel consumption by up to 50% while enjoying a very natural and charming visual effect of the dancing flames. Combining the functionality of the low fuel consumption with the beauty of the vivid flames, the Eco-Wave makes it possible to enjoy the cosiness of a bioethanol fireplace for a longer time.

Exceptionally long fireplaces can either have a singular flame tray or can have the burner divided into several burning zones.

Eco-switch is a function that allows alternating the burning zones in order to keep a constant heat output and save fuel. If the temperature increases above the desired limit, one or several burners can be turned off, while still having the possibility to enjoy the fire.