Manual Bio fireplaces

At Decoflame we offer a lot of our standard bio fireplaces – wall mounted, floor models, ceiling models and built-in models with a manual burner.

Benefits from choosing a manual burner – no chimney required, no power outlet or cables needed. But this comes at the cost of electronic safety systems, like the ones in our Automatic models.

You can read a lot more about our manual burners here.

decoflame manuel biopejs indsats

Bio fireplace Inserts

Create your own cozy space with a quality manual biofireplace insert, designed and produced in Denmark 


Drop-down Burners

With a drop-down burner the possibilities for placement are almost infinite. Can be placed indoor as well as outdoor.


Wall mounted Biofires

Don’t want a bio fireplace taking up floor space? Then a wall mounted model might be the right choice for you.

Decoflame Sydney fritstående biopejs i hvid


For larger spaces a free-standing bio fireplace can serve as the perfect room divider. With a manual burner it can easily be moved.

Decoflame lofthængt biopejs

Ceiling-hung Bio Fireplaces

Keep your floor space clear with one of our elegant ceiling-hung bio fireplaces.

Decoflame Nice Round fritstående biopejs i hvid i køkken

Table-top Bio Fireplace

Perfect for the conference room-, reception-, dinner og even kitchen table. Light and simplistic designs.

Decoflame Dubai udendørs biopejs

Outdoor Bio Fireplaces

Outdoor drop-down, table-top and free-standing models, perfect for the garden or terrace.


Biopejs i møbel

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