We have been looking forward to the launch of our new bio fireplace, London!

London differs from several of our other bio fireplaces because the vision for this fireplace has been to produce a quality bio fireplace with a lower price point. Neither the high quality nor the danish controlled production has been compromised despite the lower price, because we refuse to compromise the DNA of Decoflame as a brand.

Therefore, we can now present an outdoor, danish designed, danish produced, and minimalistic patio heater. London is exactly this; a tall cubical shaped bio fireplace, where the minimalistic details are in focus, both in its shape but also in the subtle available colors; black, white, and the popular corten steel.

London’s specifications:

  • Measurements of the case: H: 1300 mm x B: 420 mm x D: 420 mm
  • Type of burner: manual burner – Denver Basic
  • Material: powder coated steel with tempered glass
  • Finishes: black, white, or corten
  • Capacity: 3.2 liter bioethanol
  • Consumption: up to 6 hours burning time, depending on settings
  • Introduction Price: €1007 (not including tax, shipping, installation, service – after the introduction price, the normal price will be €1342)

The vision with London was as mentioned to create a bio fireplace with the same high quality and standard as usually, but at a lower price. Naturally, the designer behind London needed to consider the all the parameters thoroughly before the production could begin:

“when we began London’s design process, the main point was to design a patio heater that could gather people. It should be a minimalistic bio fireplace with an inviting atmosphere that gathers people on chilly nights”

–  Palle H. Jørgensen, in-house product- and development engineer at Decoflame

The designer of London, Palle, had the desire to produce a more budget-friendly bio fireplace, but he would at the same time make sure to keep the well-known Decoflame style and charisma in the product. The name London occurred relatively short after the shape of the bio fireplace was determined, because the shape reminds of the bell tower Big Ben in London. Therefore, the bio fireplace should naturally be named after the beautiful and majestic city London and Palle had tall buildings and minimalistic lines in mind when the first lines were made:

After the first sketch, Palle developed further on the concept and adjusted the design with correct measurements. Now, the graphical illustration for London looked like this:

Hereafter, the in-house production started on a prototype which made it possible to test the sketch in practice.

London is constructed completely without welding and the corners are instead made of rounded corners, which makes them a beautiful detail. Welding requires several production hours and the omission has therefore been decisive for the price.

London is as mentioned, an outdoor patio heater with tall glass inserts, which shield the flames from the wind and ensure beautiful and large flames. Furthermore, there is a sizable storage room under the burner, which can easily be opened and closed. This room is obvious to use as storage for bio ethanol, closing tools, rain cover, or a blanket for the colder nights, where London contributes with beautiful flames and heat. Furthermore, this patio heater has wheels on the bottom which makes it easy to move under a pent roof or around the terrace. We think that London contributes to an outdoor environment with its minimalistic design in the most beautiful and stylish way possible, whether it is in interaction with plants or patio furniture, see for yourself:

Naturally, London is designed, developed, and produced at our head office with in-house production in Northern Jutland, just like all our other bio fireplaces. If there is one thing that defines Decoflame, it is exactly this, and we are not about to change this. You see, we are enormously proud to have a controlled and ethical production in Denmark, and the certainty and safety it gives you as a customer at Decoflame.

If you too have the desire to acquire a bio fireplace from Decoflame, contact your local retailer whom you can find right here.

We have been looking forward for the reveal of London and we hope that you love it too! If you want to purchase London for yourself, you can do so through this link.


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