Manual Outdoor Bio Fireplace

Outdoor Built-in burner

The Outdoor Built-in burner is a manual built-in model – 900mm, suitable for outdoor use.

Nice Table-top

Nice Table-top is available in three different variations. Perfect for your garden, conservatory or terrace.

Nice Series

Our Nice Series offer variation of different sized burners with a modern design, intended for outdoor use.

Nice Round

With it’s open top, smooth curves and round glass, Nice Round is perfect for a beautiful summers evening on the terrace.

Nice Built-in

The Nice Built-in series can be integrated into almost any level surface, such as tables, windowsills, half walls and more.

Monaco Square

Our Monaco series with it’s square design, is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Monaco Round

Our Monaco series with it’s romantic round design, is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Dubai Square

Dubai Square is a free-standing series of outdoor bio fireplaces equipped with manual burners.

Dubai Round

Dubai Round is a free-standing outdoor bio fireplace series equipped with manual burners.