Montreal basic
Automatic built-in bioethanol fireplace


Montreal Basic is a built-in fireplace made of 2mm steel with an 80mm front glass screen for a more vivid flame.

The standard finish is powder-coated steel in black. The casing can come frameless or with a frame in brushed stainless steel.

Montreal Basic is available with the Denver Basic burner that has 6 flame levels, Bluetooth/Decoflame App and remote control.

The fuel lid and control panel are only available in black and white.



3 dimensions 750/950/1150mm
No chimney required
No smoke, ash or soot
2mm steel casing
Automatic burner
80mm front glass screen
Optional frame


Available burners

Basic automatic burner
e-Ribbon technology
Control panel
Bluetooth / App control
Remote Control
6 flame levels
Safety sensors
Steel baseplate
Black/white finish
Safety chamber
Sleep Timer
Child lock
Hardened optic front glass
Flame tray length: 500/700/900mm


Technical information

Flame tray size: 500mm/700mm/900mm
Capacity: 4L / 5,8L / 7,2 L
Fuel consumption: 0,2 – 0,55 l/h / 0,3 – 0,8 l/h / 0,35 – 1 l/h
Burning time: 7h – 20h / 7,5 – 20,8 / 7,3h – 20h
Heat output: 1,2 – 3,2 kW / 1,6 – 4,5 kW / 2,1 – 5,7 kW
Net weight: 19,5 kg / 22 kg / 26 kg
Minimum room size: 64m3 / 89m3 / 115m3
Power supply: 220V – 240V – 50 Hz


Materials & finishes

Materials: 2mm powder-coated black steel
Finish: Black steel base plate with a black flame tray. Frame – brushed stainless steel.



Integrated Bluetooth / Decoflame App
Remote control



​All Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces come with a technical drawing, installation instructions and a user manual. We recommend installation once all decoration work and cleaning has been finalized.​



​Use only bioethanol with a minimum of 96% alcohol and a maximum of 97.5%.
We recommend Decoflame bioethanol, which has a purity of 96.5%.​​