denver ellipse tabletop bioethanol fireplace

Denver ellipse
Automatic bioethanol fireplace


Combining the elegance and feminine shape of the already known Ellipse model with the functionality and cutting-edge technology of the e-Ribbon Fire, this fireplace comes in two standard dimensions and is available in various finishes, such as, brushed/polished stainless steel, copper, rusty or any RAL color.

The model can be manufactured from powder-coated aluminum or brushed stainless steel and is featuring two optic-white glass shields.

The automatic Denver Ellipse with CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning) features the new touch screen display, which allows a seamless 1-5 & eco level flame control. The fireplace can also be controlled with the radio-frequency remote control or with a smart device via Bluetooth or Decoflame App, as well as integrated in a Smart Home System.

Denver Ellipse is a versatile and luxurious fireplace that offers unlimited decoration possibilities. This innovative model can be placed on TV furniture, dining tables, and countertops or used as a stand-alone piece of furniture.



e-Ribbon technology
Touch Display
Bluetooth / App control
Remote Control
1-5 & eco flame levels
Safety sensors
No chimney required
Steel baseplate
Black or brushed stainless steel finish
Sleep Timer
Glass screens
Safety chamber
Dimensions: 1000mm / 1200mm


Optional features

RAL colors
Brass or copper finish
TV temp. sensor


Materials and finishes

Materials: Powder-coated steel or brushed stainless steel and hardened, optic-white glass
Finish: Standard finishes – black, white or brushed stainless steel. Optionally – polished stainless steel, copper, rusty or any RAL color.



Integrated Bluetooth / Decoflame App, a remote control and a funnel.​



​Use only bioethanol with a minimum of 96% alcohol and a maximum of 97.5%
We recommend Decoflame bioethanol, which has a purity of 96.5%.​​