montreal build-in bioethanol fireplace black

Customizable built-in bioethanol fireplace


​​Montreal is a made-to-measure built-in bioethanol fireplace designed without a frame/fascia. It is available in various layouts: open to the front, open to the front and back, open to the front and back and one side, open to the front and both sides. Front glass shield complete the sleek, contemporary look.

The standard finish of this versatile focal point is powder-coated aluminum in black. Alternative finishes are brushed or polished stainless steel.

Montreal is available with either one or several manual burners on which the flame intensity is steplessly adjustable, or with the patented Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire featuring CEVB Technology.



No chimney required
No smoke, ash or soot
8mm powder-coated aluminum
Manual / automatic burner available
80mm front glass screen


Available burners

Automatic burner
e-Ribbon technology
LCD touch Display
Bluetooth / App control
Remote Control
1-5 & eco flame levels
Safety sensors
Steel baseplate
Black or brushed stainless steel finish
Sleep Timer
Safety chamber
External fuel tank (optional)
Smart home connection (optional)
TV temp. sensor (optional)
Flame tray length: 500 – 5000mm

Manual burner
Brushed stainless steel manual burner
No chimney required
Adjustable flame height
Safety chamber
Burner length: 500 – 900mm​​​



Materials: aluminium, stainless steel and tempered glass
Finish: Powder-coated aluminum in black.
Optionally, brushed stainless steel or any RAL color.​



Manual: lighter, a handle for the sliding lid, a funnel and a cleaning kit.
Automatic: integrated Bluetooth / Decoflame App, a remote control and a funnel.​



​Each custom-made Decoflame fireplace comes with a personalized technical drawing, installation instructions and a user manual. Installation is easy and does indeed only take minutes if the wall cut-out has been prepared in line with our instructions. We recommend installation of a fireplace only once all the decoration work and cleaning has been finalized.​



​Use only bioethanol with a minimum of 96% alcohol and a maximum of 97.5%
We recommend Decoflame bioethanol, which has a purity of 96.5%.​​


Special layout?

​Montreal is available in various layouts: open to the front only, open to the front and back, open to the front and back and one side, open to the front and both sides.