Denver e-Ribbon

Denver e-Ribbon Fire is part of the made-to-measure range of Decoflame bioethanol fires. Its simple layout makes it versatile and adaptable for a large variety of fireplace applications.

Denver e-Ribbon Fire is an automatic built-in burner with a continuous, linear flame tray which can be manufactured in any dimensions exclusively by Decoflame. Automatic burners have six flame levels (1-5 & eco) and can be operated with a remote control or via Bluetooth and Decoflame App and be integrated in a Smart Home System.


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Offering a maximum of creative freedom and in addition to the classic linear form, Denver e-Ribbon Fire can be sculptured in various shapes e.g. along an in- or outside corner, in a U-bend or like an elegantly meandering wavy curve.‚Äč

Denver e-Ribbon Fire can be integrated into different surfaces or as a part of a bespoke built-in fireplace, such as Montreal, Orlando etc.

The optional tempered glass shield is protecting the flames from draught while keeping them vivid.

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e-Ribbon – 1500 mm
e-Ribbon – 2000 mm
e-Ribbon – 3000 mm
e-Ribbon – 4000 mm

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