Hybrid Mist Fireplace

When our residence becomes a home.

Home – this is where we relax and recharge. It’s our free space – and it’s important.

For us, Danish design is about quality and values, for both the home and you. To be able to add that little extra. For us, it has been natural to work exclusively with the environmentally friendly bio fireplaces – now we take it a step further and launch a Hybrid burner.

Bio burner and hybrid burner

The bio burner uses bioethanol – a fuel extracted from corn, potatoes and other organic raw materials.

Our novelty – the Hybrid burner – uses only electricity and water. Like our bio fireplace there is no need for either a chimney or exhaust pipe. In addition, the water can be sourced directly from the tap and used for the hybrid fireplace.

It is good design combined with the environmental consciousness.

The hybrid burner has been developed with a technology that atomizes the water vapors. The steam can then be controlled electronically and lit up by the built-in LED lights, which give the illusion of real flames.

For those who are not much for open fire in the home when there are small children or pets, this is a great alternative. The hybrid burner is also good in new homes, with a dry indoor climate, as it can improve the humidity level in the room.

The hybrid burner can be assembled with most of our casings. Among other things, the favorite Montreal, which with its sharp and minimalist design is seen in many newly built houses.

An alternative to this is Orlando, which with a simple frame, brings to mind an atmospheric and vibrant image. If you only want visual flames in the summer for the sake of coziness, you can advantageously choose this type of fireplace.

As the model is convertible, in autumn you can replace the Hybrid Burner with a bioethanol burner, either the electronic model Denver e-Ribbon Basic or a manual burner. It is a smart and easy solution, which means that you can enjoy the cosiness of the fireplace all year round. With the Hybrid burner, an environmentally friendly and affordable fireplace solution has been created for the conscious buyer.



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Hybrid – 720


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