Built-in Bio fireplace burner

Built-in burner can feature a brushed stainless steel safety chamber with lip or chamber in a black powder-coated aluminum without lip. Both versions are available in different dimensions from 500mm to 900mm. The flame height is manually adjusted in that way regulating the fuel consumption.

Built-in burner can be placed in various settings both indoors and outdoors or as a stand alone burner.

Built-in burner with lip can come with the optional tempered glass shield which is protecting the flames from draught while keeping them vivid.


Not including:

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Choose brunertype/size above to get additional information


Manual – 500 mm, no lip
Manual – 500 mm, with lip
Manual – 600 mm, no lip
Manual – 600 mm, with lip
Manual – 700 mm, no lip
Manual – 700 mm, with lip
Manual – 800 mm, no lip
Manual – 800 mm, with lip
Manual – 900 mm, no lip
Manual – 900 mm, with lip

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