Manhattan is a frameless custom-made built-in bioethanol fireplace. It can be open to one or two sides, transforming a room divider into a beautiful focal point. With its functional design, Manhattan has a curved casing that allows an even heat distribution in the room. The high glass shield protects the flame from draught while keeping it vivid.

The model can come in the black or white powder-coated aluminum finish. Additionally, the finish in RAL color is available in order to match any interior.


Not including:

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Manhattan, like all made-to-measure fireplaces, can feature a manual burner or the automatic e-Ribbon Fire being suitable for a wide range of interior design projects. The automatic e-Ribbon fire burner allows a unique continuous flame display and a gradual adjustment of the flame intensity.​

As a made-to-measure model, Manhattan can be placed in the wall cut-out of an older fireplace, bringing a modern minimalistic touch to more traditional interiors

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Denver Basic – 720
Manual – 700 mm

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