Montreal Furniture with electronic bioethanol burner

This mobile bioethanol fireplace with hidden built-in wheels for indoor use is both aesthetic and functional.
The furniture itself is made of lacquered MDF boards and the casing is made of powder-coated aluminium. Because of the wheels it is easily to relocate in the house when it is not in use.

With its simple and clean design, Montreal Furniture is just as much a piece of furniture – as a bioethanol fireplace. So be creative and use this model as a room divider to create small, oases in large open spaces. 

The burner that is inserted is our popular model Denver e-Ribbon Basic. It is equipped with various safety features like spillage- and temperature sensors. Intuitive operation via the control panel, the remote controll or Decoflame App provides an user-friendly approach.

The fireplace can easily be turned on and off. It is possible to control the flame intensity, check the remaining operation time and the fuel consumption. After the fireplace has been turned on, it only takes few minutes before one can enjoy the vivid flames.

For more information about the Denver e-Ribbon Basic burner look here:

Perfect for those people who are passionate about creating renewal and coziness at home but don’t want to use a lot of effort, time and money.
This is both an easy and stylish solution at the same time.



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Dimensions1500 × 400 × 800 mm

Denver Basic – 920



Furniture Finish


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