Orlando - open front & back

Orlando is a made to measure built-in bioethanol fireplace which features a 50mm wide frame. It is available in various layouts: open to the front, open to the front and back, open to the front and back and one side, open to the front and both sides. Optional glass shields complete the sleek, contemporary look.

The standard finish of this versatile focal point is powder-coated in matt black. Alternative finishes are brushed or polished stainless steel.

The 50mm standard frame of Orlando can come in matt black powder-coated aluminum or brushed stainless steel. Alternatively, the frame can be customized in width and finish: polished stainless steel, brushed/polished brass or copper or painted in any RAL colour.

Orlando is offered with either one or several manual burners on which the flame intensity is steplessly adjustable or with the patented e-Ribbon Fire featuring CEVB Technology.​


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Denver Basic – 720
Denver Basic – 920
Denver Basic – 1120
Manual – 600 mm
Manual – 800 mm
Manual – 900 mm

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