100 bioethanol fireplaces for a luxury building complex

Decoflame had the pleasure of supplying tens of exclusive bioethanol fireplaces to one of the most recently built luxury property developments ‘190 Strand’ in Central London. The complex of extravagant apartments, townhouses and penthouses is situated in an area, which is internationally acknowledged as the Capital’s theatre, nightlife, shopping and cultural heartland.

For the ‘190 Strand’ residential project, Decoflame proposed Westminster Basic. This modern bioethanol fireplace with a traditional twist, reminding of a timeless wood fireplace, will compliment a contemporary and yet classy interior setting. With a clean combustion, the fireplace can be installed anywhere, as it does not require a chimney or any additional ventilation. It also makes bioethanol fireplaces maintenance-free as they do not produce smoke or ash, letting the owner of the fireplace just to sit back and enjoy the dancing flames.

The model stands out from Decoflame bioethanol fireplace range as a built-in fireplace with a stone surround, which adds a sense of class to the cutting-edge home interior. As a technologically advanced fireplace, Westminster Basic can be controlled via a remote controller or a smart device, making it an intuitive and user-friendly product.

The project has been carried out in collaboration with St Edwards Homes Ltd.​