Always use your common sense when handling fire and flammable materials – and respect the guidelines issued by Decoflame regarding our products!

Designed with functionality and consumer safety at our heart, all Decoflame fires are thoroughly stress tested in our manufacturing line. The manual Decoflame burner features safety symbols/markings providing clearly understandable advice for safe operation of the product. The electronically controlled Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire includes a highly developed safety system which ensures that dangerous user errors during operation of the fire are ruled out.

Regardless whether manual or highly advanced electronically controlled burner, all Decoflame fireplace models come with a comprehensive User Manual in which every aspect from decanting the fuel, lighting the flame, regulating the flame to extinguishing the flame has been explained in order to provide peace of mind and facilitate a save operation of the fire.

As for all types of fireplaces, it is important to adhere to safety aspects when operating bioethanol fires. It is therefore essential to take the time to familiarise oneself with the safety procedures associated with using a Decoflame fire and to educate other users of the appliance on bioethanol fireplace safety.

This type of fire technology is not well known and therefore we recommend that owners diligently induct any potential user of their fireplace to ensure everyone is aware of the potential hazards associated with using bioethanol as combustible.

Shaping the future

Through our participation as member of the European Expert Panel, which has been working on the development of a European Standard for bioethanol fires, we have not only been able to gain a unique insight in chemical and physical processes around bioethanol fires, but have also contributed significantly to the future safety of consumers operating bioethanol fires.

With knowledge gathered from our work with biochemists and experts throughout the industry, we are able to create the safest bioethanol fires on the market, offering unique solutions for any fireplace application.