Our newest bio fireplace is called Tokyo and it is a luxurious bio fireplace with classic and minimalistic features -but with a round twist.

Tokyo’s Specifications:

  • Diameter of the case: Ø830 mm
  • Depth of the top: 100mm / depth of the bottom: 260mm
  • Type of burner: 670 Denver Basic (electronic)
  • Material of the case: Aluminium
  • Available finishes for the half-circle:
    • Polished steel
    • White
    • Black
    • Brushed steel
    • Brushed copper (€108 acquisition)
    • Brushed brass (€108 acquisition)
  • Intro Price: electronic basic burner: €5310 (ex. Tax) (price does not include delivery, installation, or service)
  • Consumption: 4-liter tank = 20 burning hours

Tokyo has been on the dream- and drawing board for some time and the designer behind Tokyo has given the process many thoughts:

“During the design process, the focus has been on achieving a bio fireplace with an identity and charisma. This is expressed through the sharp horizontal line across the fireplace

– Palle H. Jørgensen, in-house product- and development engineer at Decoflame.

The designer behind Tokyo, Palle, has a working process with more depth, than what one might assume. He gets an idea for the product and he has even decided on the name for the new fireplace before he begins. The vision with Tokyo has from the beginning been to break with the geometry and the sharp lines and thereby create a new and more organic expression with the round shape of the fireplace. The name Tokyo creates moreover associations to Asia, Feng Shui, and overall harmony between interior design and the people around it. Palle had all these things in mind when he made the first pencil strokes to what has become Tokyo:

After the first sketch, Palle further developed the concept and adapted the design with the correct dimensions:

Then the development of the prototype began, and it was now possible to test the sketch in the form of a tangible and real prototype.

Despite the simplicity and minimalistic appearance, Tokyo’s round shape has been synonymous with a relatively extensive process, since Tokyo’s plates are rolled. Rolling is a manual bend on the plates which forms the curve and creates the framework for Tokyo’s beautiful round shape. Tokyo consists of craftsmanship and has functional details and the production of Tokyo should not be underrated but rather respected as it required time and focus.

Precisely time and focus can furthermore be seen in other details in Tokyo, such as in the sharp horizontal cut through the fireplace and the inclined angle. The inclined angle is created based on the designer’s desire for Tokyo to be a fireplace that is not only beautiful from one angle but all angles.

Tokyo is a wall-hung bio fireplace, but it can also function as a recess in the wall, as it can also be mounted in a hole in the wall. As a recess in the wall, Tokyo can create a different look and feel, then if it is wall-hung, as it will protrude less from the wall and thereby not consume as much space in the room. This is what it might look like to have Tokyo as a recess in a wall:

Tokyo is designed, developed, and produced at our head office with our in-house production in Northern Jutland, Denmark, exactly like all our other bio fireplaces. We are proud to have a controlled and ethical production in Denmark and the security and guaranty it gives you as a customer at Decoflame.

We have been looking forward to the reveal of Tokyo and we hope that you love it! If Tokyo has piqued your interest and you want to order your own Tokyo, use this link to find a retailer. Or go directly to the product page.


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