What is a manual biofireplace?

On this page you’ll find everything you need to know about our manual bioethanol burners.

Bio fireplace vs. Traditional fireplaces

Unlike more traditional fireplaces, Decoflame’s bio fireplaces only use bioethanol, which consists of 96.5% pure alcohol. This means, that no vent or chimney is needed. Therefore, no smoke or ash is formed, as you know from more conventional fireplaces and stoves that burn fossil fuels, etc.

A bio fireplace should not be equated with a conventional fireplace as a primary heat source. However, a bio fireplace can be used as a secondary heat source, which can quickly add heat on a cool day.

The bio-fireplace works well with regrowth systems in the house, which rapidly can carry the heat around. The bio fireplaces are easy to install, whather it is a wall-mounted, freestanding or built-in model.

The built-in fireplace requires a bit more work on the wall construction. However, this is easily solved with the accompanying drawings that follow the bio fireplace. In relation to the choice of a bio-fireplace it is a good idea to check how much space required due to oxygen consumption. Therefore, choose a bio fireplace that matches the size of the room.

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Decoflame Nice table-top round, on a kitchen counter

Manual Bio Fireplaces

Many of Decoflames stardard models – wall-mounted, built-in, floor- and ceiling models can be delivered with a manual bioethanol burner.

The advantages of a manual burner is that it does not require a chimney, power-supply or any other additional installations such as cabling or ventilation. This makes it a bit cheaper to buy and install.

A manual bioethanol burner is a simplified version of our automatic burners. The manual burner consists of a brazier which is filled with bioethanol following the instruction from our manuals and is then ignited with a long lighter or match. When it is time to put it out, you simply use the included shutter tool to close the burner lid and kill the fire.

Our Manual bioethanol burners all comes with a slider lid to open and close the burner, this also allows you to adjust the size of the flames. With that said – it’s far from the amount of control granted when using one of our automatic bio fireplaces.

A manual bio fireplace can be placed almost anywhere as long as you always consider the safety margins and distances provided in the instruction manual.

Remember to always be vigilant and careful when handling live flames. Read more about safety here.