What is an Automatic Biofireplace?

On this page we have accumulated everything you need to know about our automatic biofireplace solutions.

Bio fireplace vs. Traditional fireplaces

Unlike more traditional fireplaces, Decoflame’s bio fireplaces only use bioethanol, which consists of 96.5% pure alcohol. This means, that no vent or chimney is needed. Therefore, no smoke or ash is formed, as you know from more conventional fireplaces and stoves that burn fossil fuels, etc.

A bio fireplace should not be equated with a conventional fireplace as a primary heat source. However, a bio fireplace can be used as a secondary heat source, which can quickly add heat on a cool day.

The bio-fireplace works well with regrowth systems in the house, which rapidly can carry the heat around. The bio fireplaces are easy to install, whather it is a wall-mounted, freestanding or built-in model.

The built-in fireplace requires a bit more work on the wall construction. However, this is easily solved with the accompanying drawings that follow the bio fireplace. In relation to the choice of a bio-fireplace it is a good idea to check how much space required due to oxygen consumption. Therefore, choose a bio fireplace that matches the size of the room.

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Two types of electronic bio-fireplaces

At Decoflame, there are two types of electronic bio-fireplaces: Denver e-Ribbon Fire and Denver e-Ribbon Basic.

Both electronic bio fireplaces are closed systems equipped with a bioethanol burner with the patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapor Burning). This advanced combustion system allows you to control the fireplace remotely or with a smart device (Bluetooth) via the Decoflame App.

The Denver e-Ribbon Fire is the luxurious edition with an intuitive touch screen display that provides “easy-to-understand” and feedback messages.

With Decoflame’s unique solution with an up to 8 m long flame line (The Infinite Fire) and countless possibilities for creative post-measurement solutions, there are great opportunities for a unique bio fireplace for each customer.

The Infinite Fire is a sophisticated solution, developed exclusively by Decoflame, can be manufactured by a single-module burner that creates a wide range of fires in any dimension. This electronically controlled model can be divided into several combustion zones which can be operated alternatively.

The LCD touch display, radio frequency remote control or smart device makes the bio fireplace both smart and user friendly if there are many people who are to operate the bio fireplace.

Denver e-Ribbon Basic is a standard electronic burner developed by Decoflame. A superb bio burner with many of the features seen by the Denver e-Ribbon Fire. An electronic bio-fireplace, designed for everyday use in the home, intuitive and secure.

The big difference between these 2 electronic bio fireplaces is that the Denver e-Ribbon Fire can be customized with The Infinite Fire, connected to an external tank system and Smart-Home system, as well as ordered with TV-Temp. Sensor

For both models, the patented CEVB technology allows the user to control the flame intensity and thus the heat output at six flame levels as well as monitor the fuel level in the tank. A larger tank volume – compared to a manual burner – reduces the frequency of refills.

They are both equipped with safety features such as spill-, temperature- and level sensors that provide automatic notifications during operation and thus safety for the individual user.

Always be careful and sensible when dealing with open fire. Read more about safety here.

Denver e-Ribbon Basic

  • Remote control
  • Smart device management via App
  • 6-stage flame control (1-5 & Eco-Wave)
  • Control panel
  • Operating status and fuel level information
  • safety Chamber
  • System leak sensor with automatic shutdown
  • Eco-Wave

Denver e-Ribbon Fire

  • Remote control
  • Smart device management via App
  • 6-stage flame control (1-5 & Eco-Wave)
  • LCD touch display
  • Operating status and fuel level information
  • safety Chamber
  • System leak sensor with automatic shutdown
  • Long flame line
  • Eco-Wave
  • Smart Switch


  • TV temperature sensor with automatic switch-off
  • External tank with automatic refueling system
  • Bluetooth connection can be combined with a Smart Home.system via an RS-232 cable.

Our Decoflame App

As an alternative to the Decoflame remote, the pioneering technology for the bioethanol fireplaces is now available for both Apple and Android products. With its simple and user-friendly design, the Decoflame App can control one or more fireplaces from the same device.


The Decoflame App can be used to:

Switch the fireplace on / off.
Adjust the intensity of the flame.
Control the heat effect.
Check the fuel level in the tank.
Check the estimated burning time.
Set auto power off timer.

Automatically controlled long linear fire

Decoflame introduced the e-Ribbon Fire – an electronically controlled ethanol burner featuring the patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning).

This highly advanced clean combustion system where the flames do not have contact with the fuel, allows controlling the fireplace with a remote control or a Smart Device (Bluetooth) via Decoflame App. The user can control the flame intensity, thus the heat output over six flame levels, and this independently monitors the fuel level inside the tank. A greater tank volume compared to a manual burner makes frequent refilling unnecessary.

One of the most sophisticated fireplace solutions, developed exclusively by Decoflame, the ‘Infinite Fire’ can be manufactured from a single-module burner creating a long line of fire of any dimension. This electronically-controlled model can be divided into several burning zones that can be operated alternatively. Equipped with safety features like spillage- and temperature sensors, which will trigger an auto-cut-off response when activated, the Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire offers complete peace of mind for the customers operating the fireplace.


Eco-Wave is the 6th flame level on Decoflame e-Ribbon Fire burners and represents an exclusive environmentally-friendly alternative to the existing options on the market.

This feature allows reducing the biofuel consumption by up to 50% while enjoying a very natural and charming visual effect of the dancing flames. Combining the functionality of the low fuel consumption with the beauty of the vivid flames, the Eco-Wave makes it possible to enjoy the cosiness of a bioethanol fireplace for a longer time.


Exceptionally long fireplaces can either have a singular flame tray or can have the burner divided into several burning zones.

Eco-switch is a function that allows alternating the burning zones in order to keep a constant heat output and save fuel. If the temperature increases above the desired limit, one or several burners can be turned off, while still having the possibility to enjoy the fire.