Malmö is Decoflame’s first gas fireplace. It’s perfect for almost any outdoor environment.

Like with any other Decoflame fireplace the design is first and foremost, therefore we’ve decided to hide the wheels while keeping the comfort and functionality of having the option to move the patio heater around.

Manual Bio Fireplaces

Choosing a manual bio fireplace from Decoflame gives you a lot of options when it comes to fireplace types – wall-mounted, ceiling hung, floor and built-in models.

A manual bio fireplace is easy to use, just fill it with bioethanol and light it with a lighter and you’ll have a beautiful fireplace with dancing flames in a matter of minutes.

Automatic Bio Fireplaces

At Decoflame we offer two types of automatic bio fireplaces: Denver e-Ribbon Fire and Denver e-Ribbon Basic.

Both fireplaces utilize our closed patented CEVB Technology (Controlled Ethanol Vapour Burning), this system allows you to remotely control the fireplace via a remote or Bluetooth app on your mobile device of choice.

NO chimney needed

NO smoke, ash or soot

Uses bioethanol only

Custom made

App control

Smart Home connectivity

What is Bioethanol?

Bioethanol – eller etahnol – er et spritprodukt, fremstillet ved fermetering af forskellige sukkerstoffer eller stivelsesafgrøder. Den har mange anvendelsesmuligheder, blandt andet til optænding af biopejse. Ved afbrænding afgiver bioethanol kun CO2, fordampet vand og varme.

Hos Decoflame har vi en kvalitets bioethanol med en høj alkoholprocent på 96,5%, som vi anbefaler at anvende i vores biopejse, da det giver en renere forbrænding.

Decoflame Bioethanol inforgraphics

Take control of your bio fireplace!

With the Decoflame app for iOS and Android you will have full control of your bio fireplace directly from your smart device of choice.

Download for free from App Store or Play Store.

Why Decoflame?

Decoflame Denver Ellipse elektrisk biopejs med Decoflame App kontrol

Our Expertise

We are one of the leading manufactures of bio fireplace solutions with more than 10 years of experience. We are experts in custom made biofire solutions.

Danish design & craftmanship

Advanced Technology

Our patented CEVB system is equipped with safety sensors, fuel efficiency systems, adjustable flame levels, remote- and app control and Smart Home connectivity.

Focus on safety and quality

Decoflame Denver ellipse automatic bio fireplace on conference room table

Custom made biofire solutions

We offer 100% custom made solutions to a variety of construction projects, custom made burners in any desired length, color or finish.

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