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General Questions & Answers

Decoflame ​bioethanol fireplaces are suitable for any location in an apartment, house, cottage, conservatory, office, restaurant, spa or outdoors. The installation of these flueless fires is done within minutes. Always refer to the safety instructions in the manual.

This depends on the country in which the installation is planned. Please always check with your local authorities.

It is recommended to use either long fireplace matches or a long lighter to light the vapours in the burner.

No. All Decoflame bioethanol fireplaces are strictly to be fuelled with liquid bioethanol of 96% – max. 97.5% only.

Should you wish to extinguish the flame before the burner is empty, please refer to the user manual. For manual burners, depending on the model of a fireplace, you either pull the slider lid towards you with the enclosed handle in one fast, continuous movement in order to snuff out the flames; or you place the cover of the burner on top of the same in order to cover its opening completely. This cuts off oxygen supply and extinguishes the fire immediately.

For automatic burners, press the OFF button on the display / remote controller / Decoflame App and wait until the flames are completely extinguished.

All Decoflame fireplaces can be installed in a matter of minutes without any in-depth DIY knowledge. Just follow the fitting instructions in the manual. All​ Decoflame ​floor models come already pre-assembled and just need unpacking.

The only additional requisite is bioethanol, which is not included in the scope of delivery.

Depending on the Decoflame fireplace model it can generate from 2 to 6 kW/h. A flueless Decoflame bioethanol fireplace, however, should only be regarded as a cosy supplement to your primary source of heating.

All Decoflame bioethanol fires are made of one or more of the following components: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and hardened glass. If powder-coated, the paint will be heat-resistant up to 400°C.

We recommend cleaning the bioethanol fireplace with a lint-free cloth. Use either a sprinkle cleaner or a little bit of bioethanol – which is also suitable for cleaning the glass.

To clean the stainless steel burner, use the supplied 3M sponge. Be sure to follow the grain direction.

It is important that the filament is not touched during cleaning as it is very sensitive and it may break

Questions about Bioethanol

Bioethanol should be nothing else but alcohol which is denatured, i.e. made unfit for human consumption. In comparison to gel, bioethanol burns clean and residue-free, not leaving unpleasant odours or fumes in your home. When burning, it dissolves into water and CO². Use only liquid bioethanol for Decoflame fireplaces which must have a purity of at least 96.5% but max. 97.5%.

Decoflame bioethanol can be supplied in 1 litre bottles or 3 litre jerry cans. Pouring it into smaller jugs, using a pump or a funnel is advised in order to facilitate fuelling your fireplace.​

The vapours of bioethanol consist of plain water and a little amount of carbon dioxide. Harmful fumes are avoided by using Decoflame fireplaces with liquid bioethanol of a purity of 96 – 97.5%, without placing any decorative items on or around the burner. Do not use bioethanol gel in Decoflame fireplaces. As a general note: gel fires should not be used indoors.

Between 4 – 8 hours, depending on the Decoflame fireplace model, its burner size, the set flame intensity and the room ventilation.

Manual Bio Fireplace Questions


All Decoflame bio fireplaces are delivered pre-assembled and all you need to do is unwrap it from the shipping crate and follow the instructions included in the box.

All Decoflame manual bio fireplaces can be installed without any background as a craftsman, you only need some basic DIY skills.

If you don’t wish to install the fireplace yourself, Decoflame can be requisitioned to install it for you.

Make sure that your fireplace is completely full before starting it (See min/max indication guide)

If you start the fireplace without fully refueling it the flames won’t have the best conditions to develop and heat up the fireplace and ethanol and will remain small.

Alternatively, the bioethanol you are using does not have the correct purity, we recommend using a bioethanol with at least 96,5% purity.

Read our FAQ about bioethanol.

Due to the heat during use the metal expands, so when the fireplace is in use the slider will expand and flatten out, making it fit perfectly for when you want to adjust the flame intensity or turn off the fire completely.

DO NOT under any circumstances try to bend or flatten the slider!

If you try to bend or modify the slider the warranty is violated.

This might be because the bioethanol used in the fireplace is the wrong purity and/or contains added aroma, perfume or essential oils. This makes for an unclean burn.

To fix this, replace the bioethanol and clean the fireplace.

100% of the before mentioned bioethanol needs to be drained from the fireplace before adding new clean bioethanol. We strongly recommend using a bioethanol with a purity of between 96,5 – 97,5%.

When cleaning the fireplace NEVER use sulfo or soap. ONLY USE WATER.

Refuel the fireplace with bioethanol until it reaches the MAX indicator. If your fireplace model does not have a min/max indicator, fill it until the bioethanol is approximately 3-5mm from the top edge of the tank.

(See min/max indication guide)

We recommend using a long match or lighter when igniting the fireplace.

After approximately 10 minutes the fireplace reaches the optimal operating temperature.

If the fuel tank isn’t completely full, the bioethanol has room to evaporate and when you light it, the vapors will ignite in the chamber and burn off very fast. To avoid this, make sure to fill the fuel tank all the way before starting/lighting the fireplace.

See min/max indication guide

When using “Nose”-glass holders:

NEVER tighten one side at a time, always do them simultaneously.

Make sure to orientate the glass correctly

If the before mentioned does not fix your problem, you need to contact your retailer.


When using the new glass holders:

The glass needs room to expand during fireplace use. Therefore, the glass holders need to be a bit loose or else the glass will break when it heats up and expands.


Please keep in mind that the glass supplier produce the glass with a tolerance of:

+/- 2mm in length and height.
+/- xmm in thickness.

If you wish to extinguish the bio fireplace before it burns out by itself, we refer to the user manual. It’s best to consult the user manual since the extinguish method might vary from model to model.

Automatic Bio Fireplace Questions

At Decoflame we manufacture and sell two types of automatic bio fireplaces. Both are connected to a regular power outlet and uses bioethanol as fuel.


Read more about our automatic bio fireplace options here.

All automatic Decoflame bio fireplaces use a closed system, where the bioethanol is contained in a closed fuel tank.

Yes, all open fire release CO2.

With that being said the release of CO2 is at an absolute minimal, this due to the high purity of the bioethanol (96,5 – 97,5%).

Decoflame produce two different automatic models:

  • Denver e-Ribbon Fire
  • Denver e-Ribbon Basic

Both models use our patented CEVB-system with 6 different flame steps: 1-5 and ECO-Wave as the 6th step (or with 6 steps without ECO-Wave).

e-Ribbon Fire comes with a LCD-display and e-Ribbon Basic comes with a control panel. Both models come with, remote and Bluetooth/App-control.

NO, you need to wait for the start-up phase to complete before you start to adjust the flames. This phase is complete when the filament is no longer active.

Flame level 5 is the standard level. This cannot be changed.

Eco-Wave is a function that allows for a reduction in fuel consumption up to 50%, while still getting the benefits of natural and beautiful flames.

By combining low fuel consumption and beautiful flames, ECO-Wave allows you to enjoy you fireplace for an extended period of time without losing any of the benefits.

A bio fireplace is primarily meant to be aesthetic and to create “hygge” and that’s why a bio fireplace is only seen as a secondary heat source.

BUT that being said a bio fireplace can heat up a cool room pretty fast.

Example: A Montreal bio fireplace with a 920mm Denver e-Ribbon Basic burner is perfectly able to heat up a living room of about 40 kvm.

This is an error code, meaning “SPILL TOP”.

You can fix this by following these steps:

  • Open the fuel tank lid.
  • Carefully clean up any excess/spill with a moist towelette.
  • Leave the lid open for up to an hour, allowing the spill to dry.
  • Close the lid and try starting your fireplace.

Click here to read more about all error codes.

Controlled Ethanol Vapor Burning is a patented combustion system.

It’s a clean combustion system where the flames aren’t in direct control with the liquid bioethanol, this makes is what allows you to control the flame intensity electronically, via a remote or a smart device with our Decoflame App.

Our automatic models Denver e-Ribbon Basic and Denver e-Ribbon Fire have sensors to detect things such as spill, monitor temperature, flame state and various other parameters. These safety features ensure that nothing goes wrong.


When the fireplace is turned off it does not give off any bioethanol vapors, seeing as the fireplaces uses a closed system, the vapor is trapped in the vapor chamber inside the fireplace.

 The fireplace uses its own built-in filament to ignite the bioethanol vapors. Inside the fireplaces vapor chamber the bioethanol is heated until it turns from its liquid form to a gas, which is then ignited by the filament in the flame tray.

The filament gets very hot and should NOT be touched during use.

Denver e-Ribbon Fire:

The e-Ribbon Fire model is the big brother and is primarily used for bigger fireplaces (from 1500mm +) or if the customer wishes to have an external fuel system installed with the fireplace. The e-Ribbon Fire also comes with features such as tv-heat sensors, SMART-SWITCH or connection to a Smart-Home system.

Unlike the e-Ribbon Basic, this model utilizes a fuel pump. Denver e-Ribbon Fire is available in any desired size.
(Taking into consideration min- and max size limitations).

Denver e-Ribbon Basic:

This models is considerably smaller than its bigger brother and does not utilize pumps to move transport its bioethanol through its system.

Denver Basic can’t be connected to a Smart-Home System, external fuel system or Tv-heat sensors.

Denver e-Ribbon Basic only comes in three standard sizes: 720mm, 920mm and 1120mm.

Both models are equipped with the patented CEVB-system giving you full control with 6 different flame levels: 1-5 and ECO-Wave as the 6th step.

Both models comes with a display, remote and Bluetooth/App-control.

Both Denver e-Ribbon Fire and Denver e-Ribbon Basic comes with our patented CEVB-system which allows you to choose between 6 flame levels: 1-5 and ECO-Wave as the 6th step.

It takes approximately 3-5 minutes before the start-up phase is complete, this varies from fireplace to fireplace, depending on the length/size of the fireplace.

It does however take around 10 minutes before the fireplace reaches the optimal operating temperature.

You have several options when it comes to controlling one of our automatic bio fireplaces:

  • Manually from the control panel on a Denver e-Ribbon Basic and on the touch-display on a Denver e-Ribbon Fire.
  • The Decoflame App via Bluetooth on your mobile device of choice.

An automatic fireplace such as Montreal with a length of about 1 meter, with a Denver e-Ribbon Basic burner 920mm that has a 700mm flame tray, will produce about 4 kWh when using the maximum flame setting.

Max kWh scales with flame tray length and is roughly as follows:

500mm = ca. 3 kWh

700mm = ca. 4 kWh

900mm = ca. 5 kWh

1500mm = ca. 9 kWh

SMART-Switch is only available for Denver e-Ribbon Fire.

It’s possible to manufacture extraordinarily long bio fireplaces in two configurations.

A single long flame tray or a flame tray divided into multiple individual trays. SMART-Switch is a function that manages the different tray zones, and makes sure that the individual trays are balanced and have a constant and stable heat output – and fuel consumption. If the temperature exceeds safety margins the SMART-Switch system automatically shuts off parts of the flame tray.

NO, Decoflame does not recommend doing this. If you place stuff on the fireplace, it will trap the heat in and around the fireplace and can do serious damage to the fireplace itself and its surroundings.

If you choose to ignore the guidelines and do this anyway, you will void the warranty.

Automatic Bio Fireplace - Starting the fireplace

Before you start:

  1. Make sure that your fireplace is plugged in to a power source.

  2. Refuel the fireplace (follow the instructions in the products manual).

Normal start-up procedure:

  1. Push the ON/OFF symbol on the display.

  2. When the light comes on in the display, the fireplace is on. Shortly after the display has lit up, you will hear a “thump noise”, this is the fuel lid lock opening, this will be unlocked for a few seconds, and when you hear a second “thump” the lid will be locked again and you will be able to start the fireplace by pressing ().

  3. The filament will light up and pulse in bright orange for ca. 3-5 min after which you will begin to see flames.

  4. At first the flames will be fluctuating a bit up and down in intensity for a minute or two, until they settle you won’t be able to adjust the flame level (1-5 and ECO-Wave). When the filament stops glowing bright orange you will be able to adjust the flame level yourself.

  5. The fireplace will reach optimal operational temperature after about 10 minutes.

No, you cannot.

While the fireplace is in use the fuel lid is automatically locked. And you should never try to force it open and refuel while the fireplace is still hot or in use.

Refueling is only possible when the fireplace is cool enough for the fuel lid to open. If you turn off the fireplace it will take about 10 minutes before it has cooled enough to open.

Push the STOP-button on the display / remote / Decoflame App and wait for the flames to go out.

  1. Push the ON/OFF symbol on the display, when you push this button, you’ll hear a thump sound. This sound is the fuel lid unlocking, this will only be unlocked for a few seconds for safety reasons.
  2. Push down on the back of the fuel lid to open it. The fuel lid is located opposite the display.
  3. With the fuel lid open, you’ll be able to access the fuel tank.
  4. Please be advised that if you are using a funnel it might interfere with the fuel lid open/close sensor switch. If this happens you won’t be able to hear the fuel level tone. If your funnel interferes with this sensor switch, please be mindful and check the fuel level visually on the display.

We recommend that you only fuel the fireplace to around 90% to avoid over fueling.

  1. When you are done fueling, close the lid.
  2. You can now start your fireplace by pressing the play button()

If you accidentally spill bioethanol while refueling please refer to our Error Codes’ list

The fireplace itself can be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and alcohol based cleaner (or a bit of bioethanol works fine as well). Bioethanol also works extremely well when cleaning the glass.

Avoid using any soap products when cleaning the fireplace.

When cleaning the flame tray itself, we recommend using the included 3M sponge. Please make sure to follow the direction of the grain.


Automatic Bio Fireplace - Installation

No, the fireplace needs 5 mm of clearance to all sides of its casing.

This is needed to ventilate and isolate the fireplace from the wall. Thereby ensuring that the wall won’t get too hot. If you choose to grout anyway it will only result in damage to the fireplace, wall and grout.

No, it is not.

Bio fireplaces need to have access to fresh air or else whey will overheat.

When the glass is heated up it expands, to make sure it doesn’t break, the glass holders are manufactured with this factor in mind.

Yes, but in case of a cavity wall above or below, these needs to be completely airtight or else false draft will occur and this will have extreme consequences, when dealing with live flames.

This is needed to ventilate and isolate the fireplace from the wall. Thereby ensuring that the wall won’t get too hot. If you choose to grout anyway it will only result in damage to the fireplace, wall and grout.

This is the case for both manual and automatic bio fireplaces.

We recommend that the glass for built-in fireplaces is around 110 mm in height.

Under special circumstances the glass can be as much as 2/3 the height of the fireplace.

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