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What is a Bio Fireplace?

Contrary to traditional fireplaces bio fireplaces exclusively use bioethanol to create flames. This means that there is no need for vents or chimneys, when using a bio fireplace. This also means that bio fireplaces are smoke, ash and soot free. Which would otherwise be the case when using a traditional fireplace.

A bio fireplace isn’t meant to be used as a primary heat source. A bio fireplace should instead be seen as a secondary heat source, able to compliment a primary heat source on a chilly day. Bio fireplaces are superb when used in houses or offices with ventilation systems to transport the heat from room to room.

A bio fireplace is easy to install, whether it’s wall mounted-, free-standing- or a build-in model. That being said, built-in models require a bit more preparation because you need to either build or modify a wall to support the fireplace. At Decoflame we offer technical drawings and cutouts to help you get the preliminaries straight.

A bio fireplace consumes oxygen and creates CO2 when in use. When choosing a bio fireplace it’s important to consider things such as room size relative to the desired size of the fireplace to make sure that these match up to insure the best possible result.

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